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Styling tips to achieving Autumn Chic

Unbelievably Autumn is now here and the darker nights are beginning to set in and our attention turns to making our home more cosier and warmer for these colder months ahead.



Achieving Autumn Chic needn’t be dull and boring, it’s something to get excited about with its warmer hues, rich textures and intricate detail. So as the weather shifts from Summer to Autumn it can be fun and not to mention easy to update your home interior with a few of my styling tips.


Switch up your bedding

If you’re tired of those plain white bed sheets, that may have kept you cool in the Summer months why not try something new and exciting to keep you snug as a bug this Autumn.



If you want to become a little bold, try introducing pattern to your bed sheets, which is becoming more on trend this year. Alternatively, if you want to introduce pattern in a subtle way try introducing a quilted bedspread, which can be just as homely and can fit in with both a traditional and modern bedroom.


Candles with character

Candlelight transforms any room interior. An ambience of warmth is instantly created and nothing beats getting snuggled up on the sofa and getting cosy when candles are ignited. From lanterns to t-lights that can add character to your home. So, scatter them like fairy dust or indulge yourself in scented candles that can bring a sensory pleasure into your home as well.


Image via Unique Interior Chic


Craving colour

Achieving Autumn Chic is the perfect time to inject warmth and colour into your home. Moving away from the interior of all white and grey to earthier, warm and rich shades of brown, taupe & luxurious greens for this season.



Not sure on this season colours, try adding these rich textures within your home accessories with plush velvet throws or soft luxurious cushions to add a pop of colour and depth to your room.


Image via brissi

Mix and match furniture

Looking to revamp a room within your home needn’t be expensive this Autumn. Gone are the days where all your furniture needs to match and be the same style.

Have your favourite chest of drawers or cabinet that would look great in another room. By having a play around and moving furniture from different rooms in your home, can bring a completely new lease of life and reinvigorate a room that you perhaps might not have thought of, and can allow you to enjoy the space without the need to spend a penny!



Make way for textiles

Introducing different textiles and materials into your home can really add some depth and chic to a room.

This Autumn woven textiles will be a key statement piece with wicker bamboo storage to basket pendant light fixtures that have a real feel of the earthy, natural and rustic element that is keeping with the season. This rustic element can be off set with the soft velvet throws or hand knitted woollen blankets in keeping with the chic feel of Autumn.


 Image via house beautiful

Enjoy the outdoors

Autumn nights are a lot cooler but don’t be hasty in packing away all your outdoor furniture just yet. Complement your outdoors with a fire pit or outdoor heater to keep you warm this Autumn. Keep the cosy feel by adding cushions, checked rugs and blankets to add another element of warmth as well as this adding to creating an inviting space to relax and unwind in.



Achieving the style of Autumn Chic is a look that is adaptable to suit your style and also you home interior and I hope my styling tips have given some inspiration to create a chic home this Autumn.


Until next time

Rachelle x


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