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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Seating Plan

Every bride will tell you that when it comes to the task of where to seat your wedding guests it is the trickiest part of wedding planning. Creating the perfect wedding seating plan can be a stressful job for any couple but here are my top tips to enable you to have a stress-free journey to creating the perfect wedding seating plan for your wedding.

Don’t overthink

Firstly, try not to get into an emotional war with your other half or family over the seating arrangements. At most, your guests are seated for 90 minutes of what is a fairly long event. So ideally, everyone will have someone they know on their table so don’t feel bad that you have to break up your guests into smaller groups for the tables. There will be plenty of time for family and friends to socialise with each other after the meal.


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Table names

The majority of all wedding couples when planning will tell you there will be some family politics or dramas with friends when it comes to where you can or can’t seat certain people at your wedding.

Get around the issue for your wedding seating plan by mixing family up with friends and by having table names instead of numbers helps to alleviate some of the pressure by not having a hierarchy of where family and friends are seated or anyone feeling that they are on the reject table at the back of the room.

Ideas can include:

  • Countries or places you have visited on holiday or important destinations such as places you plan to visit on your honey moon
  • Significant dates, times, and years from your time together as a couple
  • If your food and drink lovers why not try tables with different cocktail names or favourite meals you like
  • Favourite songs or films that have a special meaning or connection

The important tip to remember when you are choosing your table names is to stay true to you as a couple. Choosing a table name needs to mean something to you both, as well as this providing meaning, this also adds another element to include and a story to tell on your big day.


Top table arrangements

If you’re having difficulty in arranging the top table seating for example if your parents are divorced, remarried or you’re not sure whether to include best men, bridesmaids etc. Take the stress away by having just a sweet heart table in the centre of the room for you and your partner sit.


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Arranging other tables adjacent enables guests to feel close enough to the action and using the above tip of creating table names allows everyone to feel like they don’t have the cheap seats furthest away at the end side of the room.


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 Putting your plan together

So, your RSVP’s have been received (you may have to do some chasing) and you know how many guests are coming. The big questions now need answering in terms of how you’re going to seat everyone in one room, how many tables are needed and how you are going to arrange to seat everyone without losing the plot!

As a bride, myself I have seen so many wedding seating plan templates that you can buy out on the high street or online that provide you with sticky notes, labels, table templates etc. But in my opinion, you don’t need to spend the money when there are a lot of free tools out there to use online.



The tool that I used when creating my wedding table plan was from UK Bride. What I liked about this tool (besides it being free) is that it is printable, which was great to be able to print multiple copies to give to the venue, printer for stationary etc. This saved me heaps of time in the process because I did not have to repeat the process with sticky labels and paper to give to each supplier. UK Bride tool also gave me the option to save and come back to it later so if you need to sleep on it before making the final decision you could.

Other benefits to this tool included: that it’s easy to use and that it allows you to select the type of table (square; round; rectangle) you wish to use at your wedding.

You can add in your table names that you have created, and then its straight forward inputting the names of your guests, which you can then position them to where you would like them to be seated on the day.

You also don’t need to be a technical whizz to use this either.


Image from UK Bride


Displaying your seating plan

So, you have decided on where everyone will be seated but not sure how to display this at your chosen venue. Here are a few of my favourites here for you to gain inspiration.




A lovely idea for vintage and floral themed weddings. This style of seating plan is a little quirky and fun, a great way to display your seating plans if you’re having a relaxed and informal affair.




A lovely and simple idea for a rustic theme or outdoor weddings. Luggage labels with printed names are a simple and effective way to create your guest names and these can be handwritten too to add a more personal touch.




These wonderful luminary candles are wonderful to use for so many wedding themes and can fit into any of your display ideas you may have.

Perfect for creating a whimsical and romantic feel to your wedding day and can be used on your wedding tables as part of the decor as well.


So, I hope I have given you some top tips to use when creating your wedding seating plan arrangement, hopefully following the advice given it should be stress-free and dare I say an enjoyable experience!


If you wish to read more of my top wedding ideas and inspiration have a look around our blog in the wedding top tips and advice section where you can find lots more inspiration on ‘all things wedding’ as well as some great décor from our wedding range.


Until next time


Rachelle x


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