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Bridal DIY Creations With One Week To Go

Bridal DIY creations with one week to go

With one week to go now until my big day, this past week its mainly focused on taking on the DIY bridal challenge and creating those extra finishing touches for my big day. For those of you thinking I’m not that creative or haven’t even attempted any DIY in the past, fear not as even the beginner, novice like myself have given this a go, and there is not a hammer or nail in sight! I will share with you a step by step guide and top tips on how to create Selfie Boards     Inspiring Jam Jars for…

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8 Ways To Include Hessian In Your Wedding

8 ways to include hessian in your wedding

Over recent times hessian has become a thing of beauty to incorporate into vintage, rustic barn, woodland and tipi style weddings.   Image via peaktipis   With its versatile texture hessian also known as jute or burlap is a great way to mix in with luxe wedding décor to create a sophisticated and glamorous style of the wedding too. It’s a fab material to work with for even a novice DIY bride and here are my top 8 ways that you can include hessian into your wedding planning ideas.   Table décor Hessian table runners look great either on long…

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DIY Wedding Ideas From Real Brides

DIY wedding ideas from real brides

There is so much DIY wedding inspiration out there that often it can be a minefield in knowing where to start. Well, this week‘s blog is part 2 from real brides and their families giving you their DIY wedding ideas on top tips and inspiration on creating those extra finishing touches and ideas for your big day. All photos used in this article are from real brides and their families and what they have created as sometimes you can find DIY wedding inspiration online or from magazines but not sure how or where to source the materials but here you…

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DIY Wedding Flower Inspiration From Real Brides

DIY Wedding Flower inspiration from real brides

There is so much DIY wedding inspiration out there in bridal magazines, Pinterest (which is my favourite way to gather inspiration), wedding forums, YouTube and not forgetting good old google. You start to realise that actually, you might just want to give the DIY wedding thing a go and start creating your own elements for your wedding. With weddings costing an average £25,000 or whatever your chosen budget total amount is we would all like to save a few pounds where we can wouldn’t we? Sometimes it’s not all about the cost either, some of you may be naturally creative…

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8 Budget Friendly Wedding Centrepieces

8 budget friendly wedding centrepieces

When planning for your big day, you want the day to be memorable and it’s all those extra finishing touches that you and your guests will remember for years to come. Part of the wedding décor and considerations with planning your wedding are the wedding centrepieces for your tables. Whether you are looking for centrepieces to fit in with a more formal theme or country style I am sure you can find the perfect inspiration here that fits in with your venue, budget and style with my 8 budget friendly wedding centrepiece ideas.   Birdcages Bird cages are a popular…

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10 Delightful Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Cake

10 Delightful alternatives to a traditional wedding cake

With my wedding planning preparations underway for my up and coming wedding, I have started thinking outside the box and contemplating something other than a traditional wedding cake. There are so many options to tickle your taste buds with and I am sure like most of you, I have a particular sweet tooth. So I have done my research and put together my top 10 delightful alternatives to a traditional wedding cake that perhaps you may want to try for yourselves.   Cheesecake This is my favourite dessert, and wherever I am if this is on the menu in a…

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6 Magical Wedding Themes For 2017

6 Magical wedding themes for 2017

You may be at the early stages of planning your wedding. Or perhaps you haven’t done much planning yet for your wedding theme, and really don’t know where to start in terms of colours or styles for your special day. Many couples are now choosing to have a theme incorporated into their wedding day that reflects either their personalities, the season in which they are getting married or taking the venue or location into consideration. So here are the top six magical wedding themes that are currently trending this year. Vintage Currently trending at the number one spot, vintage is…

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7 Ways To Show Your Love For Each Other On Your Wedding Day

7 Ways to show your love for each other on your wedding day

With Valentine’s day fast approaching on the 14th February and the romantic gestures that will be shared in expressing love to one another it got me thinking about meaningful ways we can show our love for each other on our wedding day. Now don’t get me wrong the vows you will be taking are a big enough gesture in your commitment to love in pledging to spend your life together but sometimes the day can be overshadowed by the planning and ensuring that all your guests are having a great time, and that the food and décor are just right…

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10 Great Ways To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

10 great ways to entertain your wedding guests

Making it onto your wedding guest list should be a real honour for your friends and family. Although the day is about you and your partner, ensuring your wedding guests are entertained throughout the day and night makes the day fun and unique for them as well. Follow these simple but effective tips that will have your friends and family talking about your wedding for years to come.   1. Keeping your guests in the know The best weddings that I have been to are the ones where you know what’s happening throughout the day and everything is well organised…

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Do Me A Wedding Favour- Top 6 Homemade Wedding Favours

Do me a wedding favour- Top 6 homemade wedding favours

Choosing wedding favours can be a particularly hot topic to debate with your partner or do you even bother at all? Are you currently a bride to be that is scouring the length and breadth of Britain to find the perfect favour that will fit in with your colour scheme or theme of your wedding? Or are you a creative bride and have flair to want to create that personal touch for your guests? Now we’ve all been to a wedding (is it just me but sometimes it can be like waiting for a bus you don’t have a single…

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5 Brilliant Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding Venue

5 brilliant ways to decorate your outdoor wedding venue

Whether your wedding is taking place in a rustic barn, or you have chosen a venue where the interior rooms are beautifully decorated, paying some special attention to the venue’s outdoor space and its surroundings ensures your fairy tale wedding is just as magical outside as well inside! 1. Show us the way Wedding signage can be both traditional and functional whilst being a gorgeous piece of décor and statement. The signage you use can set the tone of your wedding whilst bringing excitement and information to your guests. There are many styles out there to fit in with the…

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4 Ways To Share Your Love Story At Your Wedding

4 ways to share your love story at your wedding

Each couple has their own unique love story of how they met, proposal and even challenges along the way which has created the foundation of your love for each other. When it comes to your special day it’s a momentous moment when you finally say “I Do”, and what better way than your wedding day, to share your love story with your wedding guests about how you and your partner fell in love.     Here are some unique and memorable ways that you can do just that:    1. Inspiring invitations Usually your invitations will be the first impression of…

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