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Bridal DIY Creations With One Week To Go

Bridal DIY creations with one week to go

With one week to go now until my big day, this past week its mainly focused on taking on the DIY bridal challenge and creating those extra finishing touches for my big day. For those of you thinking I’m not that creative or haven’t even attempted any DIY in the past, fear not as even the beginner, novice like myself have given this a go, and there is not a hammer or nail in sight! I will share with you a step by step guide and top tips on how to create Selfie Boards     Inspiring Jam Jars for…

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How To Create The Perfect Wedding Seating Plan

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Seating Plan

Every bride will tell you that when it comes to the task of where to seat your wedding guests it is the trickiest part of wedding planning. Creating the perfect wedding seating plan can be a stressful job for any couple but here are my top tips to enable you to have a stress-free journey to creating the perfect wedding seating plan for your wedding. Don’t overthink Firstly, try not to get into an emotional war with your other half or family over the seating arrangements. At most, your guests are seated for 90 minutes of what is a fairly…

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4 Beauty Hacks Every Summer Bride Needs To Know

4 Beauty Hacks Every Summer Bride Needs to Know

Hi everyone, If like me your getting married this Summer then you’re in for a treat with this week’s article written by Holly Barry who gives us 4 beauty hacks every Summer Bride needs to know. The most magical day of your life is on the horizon, so it’s time for some wedding preparation. In between arranging the honeymoon, organising the guest list and making last minute arrangements to your BBP, or (beauty bridal prep), as it’s more commonly known. Your wedding day is your time to shine and you’re going to be the centre of attention in your breathtaking…

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A Guide For Brides For Planning Your Wedding

A guide for brides for planning your wedding

With my wedding fast approaching in August, I thought I would put together a guide for brides for planning a wedding to be with all my tips and knowledge that has helped me for the past 18 months in planning my wedding. Last week focused on what tips to follow in planning for your big day, this week part 2 of the guide for brides which focuses in on all those finer details and giving you some practical and helpful tips to making your day be as smooth and as stress-free as possible.     Choosing your wedding dress This…

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Ultimate Guide For How To Plan A Wedding

Ultimate guide for how to plan a wedding

So, I’m in the final stages of planning my wedding and all the major things have now been crossed off the to-do list. My wedding theme is sorted and all my ideas of what I have been planning for the last 18 months are now starting to come together. So, with this mind, I have put together for all you newly engaged couples and for those of you who are still in the early stages of planning a wedding, an ultimate guide for how to plan a wedding with all my tips that has helped me along the way. This…

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Smart Ways To Avoid A Stressful Month Before Big Day

Smart ways to avoid a stressful month before big day

So, with the wedding season well underway and with my best friend getting married this coming weekend and a small little thing, like my own wedding in 3 months’ time, it got me thinking what us fellow brides need to do to avoid a stressful few weeks before the big day. You still want to enjoy the final stages of the wedding planning adventure but you can guarantee that there maybe one or two things that have slipped your mind from your to-do list and you’ll be waking up in the middle of the night in a sheer panic and…

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Top Tips When Planning Your Wedding Invitations

Top tips when planning your wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations are the first sneak preview of what your wedding guests will see, of the themes and ideas of your wedding. You want your wedding invitations to shine, after all the number of hours, you will have spent on planning your wedding you want to make your wedding invitations just as important as choosing your wedding cake or centrepiece arrangement. For those of you who are not yet familiar with my blog posts, I am also a bride to be with my upcoming wedding in August 2017. I have just very recently sent out my wedding invitations so…

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How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Gown

How to find your perfect wedding gown

When it comes to buying your wedding gown this should be the most magical and enjoyable experience in finding the ONE gown perfect for your special day. As a bride to be who has found her dream dress here is my How to Guide with honest Do’s and Don’ts to helping you find your perfect wedding gown.     Don’t shop too early- the temptation is as soon as you are engaged it gives you the green light to immediately try on wedding gowns. On my quest to find my wedding gown I made my first appointment last August 2016 12…

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How To Avoid Becoming A Bridal Victim Of A Wedding Scam

How to avoid becoming a bridal victim of a wedding scam

When planning your wedding you have to make some big decisions on your venue, dress, catering, decoration hire just to name a few! but how do you know you are making the right decision and not becoming a victim of choosing a dishonest supplier? I have seen first-hand through so many wedding forums just how many have become a bridal victim of a nasty wedding scam and lost not only their money but have had their special day ruined by not being able to have their dream dress or day as they planned.     Whilst there are dishonest suppliers out…

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10 Things No One Tells You When Wedding Planning

10 things no one tells you when wedding planning

Wedding planning is every girl’s dream, you have all these wonderful ideas of what your dress will look like, how the day will unfold and all these lovely ideas on the style and colour scheme that you wish to have. You will have this image in your head of visiting lots of wedding fayres with your mother and bridesmaids, drinking champagne when trying on your wedding dress and turning the corner pages of your bridal magazines of ‘must haves’ for your big day! I’m not going to burst the bubble because wedding planning is truly an amazing and also can…

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10 Guaranteed Ways To Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

10 guaranteed ways to keep your wedding guests happy

When planning for your wedding day no matter if this a low-key affair or something big and grand there is one goal all couples will share. That is to celebrate your love for one another and a desire to ensure all your guests have a truly amazing time sharing this special day with you or why else would you invite them right?     So whilst you are in the planning stages consider these 10 guaranteed ways to keep your wedding guests happy throughout the day and night.   Guest information Try and provide you guests will as much additional…

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10 Ways To Ensure You Have The Best Honeymoon

10 ways to ensure you have the best honeymoon

Planning for a wedding can be stressful enough thinking about the dresses; flowers; guests and everything else you have on your list but has much thought been given to passport; flipflops and location of your honeymoon? Your honeymoon will likely be the most important holiday of your life, and it may seem an extra (stressful) job to plan for but here are 10 ways to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime and it is the best honeymoon ever!     Start planning as early as possible Start you honeymoon planning as early as you can even if your…

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4 Smart Ways To Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

4 Smart ways to save money when planning your wedding

Did you know the average cost of a wedding is £25,000, which is a major expenditure for just one day! No matter what your budget there are still ways that you can save money when planning your wedding, and I am here to help with these money saving tips. Let’s talk budget It is every women’s dream planning their fairy tale wedding day, but the costs of hiring the venue; the food and drink; wedding dress, honeymoon and all the little extra finishing touches soon add up. Therefore, before you start to spend any money it is wise to have…

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6 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

6 most common wedding planning mistakes

For all you former brides to be out there, over the next 12- 18 months on the countdown to your big day (or longer if you perhaps haven’t set a date yet) you will know so many decisions will need to be made from the catering to the seating arrangements to choosing the ‘one’ dress, that all the planning and attention to detail (unless you have a wonderful wedding planner doing all your wedding planning that is) begins to make your head spin a little! Hopefully this will be the only wedding you will ever plan for so I have…

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Choosing Your Wedding Colours

Choosing your wedding colours

What does you chosen wedding colours say about you? We all have a favourite colour don’t we, and we know when choosing say a new dress what colours work well for us and which colours to avoid- so why should it be any different when planning the colour scheme for your wedding? Of course, it’s not just as simply as that is it (for some maybe)- you have to consider what colours will work well with the theme and your chosen venue, for example are you having a beach wedding; a vintage theme, black tie or going for a more…

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6 Former Brides Share Their Wedding Wisdom For The Big Day

6 former brides share their wedding wisdom for the big day

No matter how many times you have been a bridesmaid or how many weddings you may have attended, and you think you have everything under control in preparation for your special wedding day, here are 6 former brides sharing their perils of wisdom (just in case there may be something you have forgotten).   1. Invite people who mean something to you (Lauren married 3 years) Some guests automatically make the list just for being family or friends, but some it’s harder to say no to then others such as your co-workers. This can be hard especially if your parents…

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