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Styling Tips To Achieving Autumn Chic

Styling tips to achieving Autumn Chic

Unbelievably Autumn is now here and the darker nights are beginning to set in and our attention turns to making our home more cosier and warmer for these colder months ahead.     Achieving Autumn Chic needn’t be dull and boring, it's something to get excited about with its warmer hues, rich textures and intricate detail. So as the weather shifts from Summer to Autumn it can be fun and not to mention easy to update your home interior with a few of my styling tips.   Switch up your bedding If you’re tired of those plain white bed sheets,…

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9 Ways To Creating A Cosy Guest Bedroom That Your Guests Will Love

9 ways to creating a cosy guest bedroom that your guests will love

Creating a cosy guest bedroom that is an enjoyable stay for your guests not only makes your visitors feel good but also for you as well by being the wonderful host and providing them with the comforts that make them feel right at home. Where ever you visit, whether this is a hotel for an overnight stay or a few days away you appreciate and look forward to a nice, comfortable, and cosy room so why should it be any different for your guests! I am here to provide you with tips and advice on how to recreate a cosy…

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6 Decorating Ideas To Turn Your Home Into A Show Home

6 Decorating ideas to turn your home into a show home

Many of us would love our home to look like a show home, but how do the interior stylists make them look so appealing? Here are 6 decorating ideas that can help you to achieve the home of your dreams. Colour choice Creating the feel of a show home is designed around having the same tones of hues throughout the home. You may see only three or four colours but they are used differently from room to room.  See this photo below of using the hue of teal in 3 rooms of the home. By creating a focal point in…

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Upcycling – Top Tips On How To Update To Your Furniture

Upcycling – top tips on how to update to your furniture

With more of us taking on the DIY challenge and rolling up our sleeves to take on projects of upcycling our furniture, here are my top tips on how to update to your furniture. It needn’t be expensive Old or second-hand furniture is sometimes a lot better than the modern flat pack furniture you can buy today as you can add your personal flair and touch to really add a unique piece of furniture to your home. Before you scour the car boot markets or online sites such as Preloved or Gumtree have an idea of the type and piece…

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5 Simple Ways To Smarten Up Your Home This Summer

5 simple ways to smarten up your home this summer

This week’s blog is written by guest writer Holly Barry from her perspective on 5 simple ways to smarten your home this summer. With the weather warming up and the light, bright mornings and longer evenings set to stay for the foreseeable future, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home after the long winter months. Airy rooms and light-filled spaces replace the cosy feel of winter. Switch your cable knit throws and cushions for linen and pack your blankets, throws and winter bedding away. With your summer social calendar filling up with events, our top 5 ways to smarten…

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How To Create Your Own Picture Gallery Wall

How to create your own picture gallery wall

Creating your own picture gallery wall is a fun and easy way to add instant impact to any room in your home. So many homes now feature a gallery of family photos of special occasions, events and milestones or a collective montage of all your pop art or of artwork that you have never gotten around to framing.   The beauty of a having a picture wall Is that it can never be outdated as you can instantly change the prints or photos whenever you feel your room needs a refresh or update. You can add more frames and pictures…

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The Living Room Makeover In Just One Weekend

The Living Room makeover in just one weekend

Living room, lounge or sitting room whatever you want to call this space, the room serves one purpose and that is to make this a comfortable space for relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Whether it’s a complete makeover or quick change to spice up your living room I’ve got some great key design ideas that will brighten up your living space that won't break the budget and can even be done in a weekend!     So, take a look at my living room makeover ideas...   Inject a burst of colour A lick of paint is…

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How To Create A Standout Welcoming Hallway

How to create a standout welcoming hallway

Your hallway is the first room your guests will see when entering through your front door. In my view, you want this to be a warm and welcoming space as it can set the tone for the overall feel of your home and immediately makes a good impression for any guests that you have coming into your home. If your home is lacking a hallway or entry which is quite common and on trend with new house builds featuring more open plan living or if you live in apartments and don’t have a separate hallway well this article may help…

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Easy Ways To Declutter Your Home

Easy ways to declutter your home

Everyone has a little clutter lying around their home, don’t they? Some perhaps more than others but regardless of how much stuff we actually do have, having a declutter from time to time is also healthy for the mind as well as benefiting from perhaps rehoming or donating a few of those things that we don’t actually need anymore.   Image via source   So, thinking of the word clutter well what does this actually mean? In my view, it’s anything that is around your home that no longer has any meaning or doesn’t add any value you to your…

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7 Easy Ways On Creating A More Spacious Feel To Your Home

7 easy ways on creating a more spacious feel to your home

Whether you live in a cottage or apartment or even a detached property one of the biggest conundrums homeowners face is how to create a more spacious feel within a home. There are obvious choices such as using neutral tones, bringing in lots of natural light and savvy storage solutions which are all great but it's how you utilise and make all these elements work together to make a small space look and appear more spacious. So here are my 7 easy ways on how you can achieve a spacious feel to your home.     When decorating a top…

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6 Ways To Appreciate Your Bathroom

6 Ways to appreciate your bathroom

Our bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms used in the home. Whether this is for showering, bathing, priming or pampering our bathrooms can often become neglected due to the amount of use they get on a daily basis. Therefore, with a small amount of time and effort with these 6 ways you will be able to appreciate your bathroom just that little bit more and put some of that much-loved TLC back into the room. So, if you're thinking what does this mean, well let's imagine entering your bathroom to see neatly folded towels on the hand rail with…

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7 Tricks To Creating A Luxury Hotel Bedroom

7 tricks to creating a luxury hotel bedroom

When booking a weekend away or looking for a holiday, one of the things you always look forward to is the hotel room. Don’t we all like to be greeted with a big and inviting bed with the plump pillows; the white fluffy dressing gown and slippers and the lush thick pile carpet that your feet sink into not to mention those big fluffy towels in the bathroom and lovely smelling bathroom products? Most of us are willing to spend our hard-earned money on a luxury experience, after all, you’re on holiday so you deserve to!     So why…

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10 Ways To Styling A Minimalist Bedroom

10 ways to styling a minimalist bedroom

A bedroom should be a relaxing haven for rest and recharging of those all-important batteries of ours. It’s where we sleep, where our dreams are made and is the first place we wake up in a morning. Ultimately bedrooms should have a sense of tranquillity and peace, but more often than not they can leave our minds racing. Decorating your bedroom in a minimalist style is an easy approach to take that can bring a simple ambience and aesthetic feel to your bedroom and restore the peace and tranquillity that is often needed in no time at all. Here are…

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10 Top Tips And Tricks In Creating A Scandinavian Feel To Your Home

10 top tips and tricks in creating a Scandinavian feel to your home

The style of Scandinavian home design is always a firm favourite with many including myself, renowned for its simplicity, understated elegance, and beauty in design. Here is a quick guide with 10 top tips and tricks in creating the Scandinavian feel within your own home. Making the space you live in light and bright With as little as 7 hours of daylight during winter months in Scandinavian countries like Norway, Finland and Denmark making the most from natural light sources is key. Therefore invite as much natural light in from your windows and avoid any heavy bulky curtains or fabrics.…

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6 Affordable Ways To Brighten Up Your Home In Time For Spring

6 affordable ways to brighten up your home in time for spring

Has the time come where you feel your home décor needs a spruce up, or that you need to breathe some new life into your home? With spring fast approaching changing one small thing can make a big difference to your home interior. Whether your personal preference for interiors are minimal and modern or country and rustic here are 6 affordable ways to brighten up any home in time for spring without the need to make to a dent in your finances.   Add a pop of colour A lick of paint is the most cheap and effective way to…

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5 Key Principles To Apply When Designing Or Decorating Your Home

5 key principles to apply when designing or decorating your home

So when it comes to home interiors some of you may naturally be creative or have a keen eye for decorating or design. Many of you may like designing and seeing your ideas come to life and even learn a skill or two along the way! Whilst perhaps some of us don’t have the first idea or knack when it comes to interior design and décor.     Well fear not, whatever your ability here are a few key principles and techniques which you can apply, to have your home looking stylish and beautiful.   Finding the focal point Having…

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Inspiration And Handy Tips For Styling Your Christmas Table

Inspiration and handy tips for styling your Christmas table

Christmas day will soon be upon us- with only 4 more days to go. If like me you are spending Christmas day at home this year, have you given much thought to how your Christmas table will be laid out? A beautiful decorated table can just be as rewarding as the magical Christmas dinner itself with the festive cheer, delicious food, and spending time with your loved ones. Be sure this Christmas that your guests have a fine dining experience with these inspirational Christmas table themed ideas and simple tips to follow to impress your friends and family. Inspirational ideas…

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A “treetorial” Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree

A “treetorial” guide to decorating your Christmas tree

So the time has come for us to be putting up our Christmas trees, but is there a right way or wrong way to decorate a Christmas tree? Or have you ever wondered how you can you make your tree look so spectacular like the ones you see in a shop window of a department store? Well with a bit of ‘treetorial’ help you can do just that- by following these 9 handy tips.     1. Choosing the right tree- well we must get the basics right first. Firstly, you need to have selected a good tree to begin…

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Easy Ways To Update Your Christmas Decorations

Easy ways to update your Christmas decorations

Well everyone it’s my first blog about Christmas, I’ve waited and waited but now that the Christmas adverts have made an appearance across our television screens, I thought it was as good a time as any to get us thinking about how to update our Christmas decorations for this year. Now some of us (me included) when it comes to taking the Christmas decorations down not much thought is given to how they are packed, they are hastily tidied away into boxes put back in the loft never to be seen again till the following December when the tree comes…

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