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Bridal DIY creations with one week to go

With one week to go now until my big day, this past week its mainly focused on taking on the DIY bridal challenge and creating those extra finishing touches for my big day.

For those of you thinking I’m not that creative or haven’t even attempted any DIY in the past, fear not as even the beginner, novice like myself have given this a go, and there is not a hammer or nail in sight!

I will share with you a step by step guide and top tips on how to create

Selfie Boards



Inspiring Jam Jars for centrepiece or decorative arrangements




No matter what your style and theme is for your wedding all these creations can be recreated to match in with your chosen colour scheme or wedding style. In this instance, the theme for my wedding is vintage country with lots of hessian and lace but you may have something more floral or glitz and glamour which will all work just as well.

Let us get started

Like all good crafters, you need a toolkit and a collection of materials of all the things you need before you can begin any project. For these DIY creations and so that everything compliments and works well together with your wedding theme be sure you have all resources to hand.


Things you will need

  • A glue gun- pritstick for these projects will just not do I am afraid. You can pick up a glue gun cheaply for less than £10, which comes with the glue sticks as well great for projects like this. The one I have used is from amazon but you can pick them up from many craft places too.



  • Material and craft embellishments to fit in with your chosen theme. Again, you can source these online or through local stores but this all needs to fit in with the theme of your wedding.

Here from the photo, you can see I have different material hessian and lace and have picked up some self-adhesive embellishments. My top places to source items from have been Amazon, Hobbycraft and Home Bargains (who do a great wedding section too) and spent no more than £12 and still have heaps of material left over for other things.



DIY selfie boards

For my wedding, personally, I did not want to spend hundreds of pounds on a photo booth, from weddings I have attended they are great for the 1st hour for guests but seem a little redundant once the DJ gets going. In addition, I had to consider my venue and I didn’t think it would fit in with the style and theme of my wedding. Therefore, still wanting my guests to have fun, I decided to make my own and add in my own props on the day.

You will need:

  • Minimum A2 ideally A1 size foam board or Foamex 3mm-5mm thickness. Again Hobbycraft or Amazon have these depending on the size you want
  • Stanley knife, pencil and ruler
  • Glue Gun
  • Materials, craft resources to fit in with your theme


1. You will need to decide on whether you wish your boards to be portrait or landscape as this will depend on the size you need for your frame.


The dimensions I have used landscape frame measurements used is an 8cm border all the way around

Portrait frame measurements used 12cm x 8cm x 12cm x 8cm (12cm is for the top and bottom)

Alternatively, for other dimensions here is a helpful guide


2. Measure with a ruler and pencil and cut out the inside of the board with a Stanley knife so that you are left with a frame (I had some help at this point).



3. Sketch out with a pencil the date of your wedding, top tip would be to use Pinterest to gain some ideas on the different font designs you could use. For my boards, I have kept this simple with just the date, but you could use hashtags; you and your partner’s names etc.

4. This is the fun part playing around with design ideas. Keeping this very simple with hearts as my theme but alternated them between hessian and a gold sharpie pen.



Top tip for the Hessian hearts is to draw a template on a piece of paper or card first and this can be used to help you to allow your hearts to be of the same size. Then it’s just a simple case of glueing everything into place with the glue gun.



So, there you have DIY selfie boards, which I plan to use in the evening of my wedding but you could use them throughout the day depending on your style of wedding. I will also add in props and selfie sticks which I have sourced from Poundland to create my very own DIY selfie booth that has cost me less than £20 to create!



Inspiring Jam Jars

This must be the most versatile creation that you can use for so many different aspects of a wedding from centrepieces, props for selfie booths, sweet carts, to helping with those extra finishing touches, to decorating your venue with candles or fresh flowers which is what I intend on doing.

Now for this task, you need some help from friends and family to collect all your jams jars and depending on what you intend to use them for will give you an idea of how many you will need.

You will need:

  • Jam jars or bottles (or a mixture of both)
  • Glue gun
  • Materials, craft resources to fit in with your theme



1. Remove all the labels for the jars and give them a good clean with hot soapy water or pop them through the dishwasher to ensure that they are sparkling clean for your creations.

Top tip is if there is still some stubborn marks or glue on the glass get a cotton wool pad with nail polish remover and wipe over the jar this should remove any traces

2. Arrange your jars and bottles into groups of either the same shape or height this will give an indication of how you want them to look at your wedding and how many designs you need to create. For example, I had 5 different shaped jars and therefore created 5 designs, however, you may wish for each jar to be different or you may wish to keep within the same design pattern.


3. Sketch out a rough design on paper first of your ideas. You don’t need to be artistic but this gives you an idea of the materials and craft embellishments you will be using and ensure you have enough for the jars.

4. Next is the fun and creative part using your glue gun and craft resources to create!



There you have your own DIY jam jar creations.



I am sure there are more brides of you out there who have taken on bigger challenges from floral centrepieces to creating your own invites, but for me the novice that I am I have focused my efforts on creating two creations and hope this blog helps and inspires you to be creative!

I would love to see your photos of your creations pop them over on an email to me at or through one of my social media pages.


If you’re looking for wedding décor to match in with your wedding theme, head over to our shop where you can see a range of wedding décor that will compliment your creations perfectly.


Until next time


Rachelle x


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