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Styling Tips To Achieving Autumn Chic

Styling tips to achieving Autumn Chic

Unbelievably Autumn is now here and the darker nights are beginning to set in and our attention turns to making our home more cosier and warmer for these colder months ahead.     Achieving Autumn Chic needn’t be dull and boring, it's something to get excited about with its warmer hues, rich textures and intricate detail. So as the weather shifts from Summer to Autumn it can be fun and not to mention easy to update your home interior with a few of my styling tips.   Switch up your bedding If you’re tired of those plain white bed sheets,…

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Bridal DIY Creations With One Week To Go

Bridal DIY creations with one week to go

With one week to go now until my big day, this past week its mainly focused on taking on the DIY bridal challenge and creating those extra finishing touches for my big day. For those of you thinking I’m not that creative or haven’t even attempted any DIY in the past, fear not as even the beginner, novice like myself have given this a go, and there is not a hammer or nail in sight! I will share with you a step by step guide and top tips on how to create Selfie Boards     Inspiring Jam Jars for…

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9 Ways To Creating A Cosy Guest Bedroom That Your Guests Will Love

9 ways to creating a cosy guest bedroom that your guests will love

Creating a cosy guest bedroom that is an enjoyable stay for your guests not only makes your visitors feel good but also for you as well by being the wonderful host and providing them with the comforts that make them feel right at home. Where ever you visit, whether this is a hotel for an overnight stay or a few days away you appreciate and look forward to a nice, comfortable, and cosy room so why should it be any different for your guests! I am here to provide you with tips and advice on how to recreate a cosy…

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How To Create The Perfect Wedding Seating Plan

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Seating Plan

Every bride will tell you that when it comes to the task of where to seat your wedding guests it is the trickiest part of wedding planning. Creating the perfect wedding seating plan can be a stressful job for any couple but here are my top tips to enable you to have a stress-free journey to creating the perfect wedding seating plan for your wedding. Don’t overthink Firstly, try not to get into an emotional war with your other half or family over the seating arrangements. At most, your guests are seated for 90 minutes of what is a fairly…

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6 Decorating Ideas To Turn Your Home Into A Show Home

6 Decorating ideas to turn your home into a show home

Many of us would love our home to look like a show home, but how do the interior stylists make them look so appealing? Here are 6 decorating ideas that can help you to achieve the home of your dreams. Colour choice Creating the feel of a show home is designed around having the same tones of hues throughout the home. You may see only three or four colours but they are used differently from room to room.  See this photo below of using the hue of teal in 3 rooms of the home. By creating a focal point in…

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6 Weeks To Go Until My Big Day

6 Weeks to Go Until My Big Day

With 6 weeks to go until my wedding day, the months have just seemed to have flown by. I can’t believe that my day is nearly here, and all the months of planning and decision making are all coming together. If you have been reading my monthly countdown starting 9 months ago you will have been on my wedding journey with me, but for those of you that perhaps have stumbled across my blog for the first time, you can catch up here So, with 6 weeks to go, I thought I would give you an insight into what life…

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Upcycling – Top Tips On How To Update To Your Furniture

Upcycling – top tips on how to update to your furniture

With more of us taking on the DIY challenge and rolling up our sleeves to take on projects of upcycling our furniture, here are my top tips on how to update to your furniture. It needn’t be expensive Old or second-hand furniture is sometimes a lot better than the modern flat pack furniture you can buy today as you can add your personal flair and touch to really add a unique piece of furniture to your home. Before you scour the car boot markets or online sites such as Preloved or Gumtree have an idea of the type and piece…

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4 Beauty Hacks Every Summer Bride Needs To Know

4 Beauty Hacks Every Summer Bride Needs to Know

Hi everyone, If like me your getting married this Summer then you’re in for a treat with this week’s article written by Holly Barry who gives us 4 beauty hacks every Summer Bride needs to know. The most magical day of your life is on the horizon, so it’s time for some wedding preparation. In between arranging the honeymoon, organising the guest list and making last minute arrangements to your BBP, or (beauty bridal prep), as it’s more commonly known. Your wedding day is your time to shine and you’re going to be the centre of attention in your breathtaking…

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5 Simple Ways To Smarten Up Your Home This Summer

5 simple ways to smarten up your home this summer

This week’s blog is written by guest writer Holly Barry from her perspective on 5 simple ways to smarten your home this summer. With the weather warming up and the light, bright mornings and longer evenings set to stay for the foreseeable future, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home after the long winter months. Airy rooms and light-filled spaces replace the cosy feel of winter. Switch your cable knit throws and cushions for linen and pack your blankets, throws and winter bedding away. With your summer social calendar filling up with events, our top 5 ways to smarten…

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3 Months To Go Until My Wedding Day

3 months to go until my wedding day

Well, May has just seemed to fly by, and it's another month closer, well 3 months to go in fact till I walk down the aisle. If you are just reading my blog for the first time, each month I provide you with an update on my wedding journey, and hopefully, there are things you can relate to. I share with you some advice and tips along the way and if any of you any perils of wisdom that you can perhaps share with me as well I would love to hear. The wedding season is now in full swing,…

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A Guide For Brides For Planning Your Wedding

A guide for brides for planning your wedding

With my wedding fast approaching in August, I thought I would put together a guide for brides for planning a wedding to be with all my tips and knowledge that has helped me for the past 18 months in planning my wedding. Last week focused on what tips to follow in planning for your big day, this week part 2 of the guide for brides which focuses in on all those finer details and giving you some practical and helpful tips to making your day be as smooth and as stress-free as possible.     Choosing your wedding dress This…

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Ultimate Guide For How To Plan A Wedding

Ultimate guide for how to plan a wedding

So, I’m in the final stages of planning my wedding and all the major things have now been crossed off the to-do list. My wedding theme is sorted and all my ideas of what I have been planning for the last 18 months are now starting to come together. So, with this mind, I have put together for all you newly engaged couples and for those of you who are still in the early stages of planning a wedding, an ultimate guide for how to plan a wedding with all my tips that has helped me along the way. This…

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How To Create Your Own Picture Gallery Wall

How to create your own picture gallery wall

Creating your own picture gallery wall is a fun and easy way to add instant impact to any room in your home. So many homes now feature a gallery of family photos of special occasions, events and milestones or a collective montage of all your pop art or of artwork that you have never gotten around to framing.   The beauty of a having a picture wall Is that it can never be outdated as you can instantly change the prints or photos whenever you feel your room needs a refresh or update. You can add more frames and pictures…

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Smart Ways To Avoid A Stressful Month Before Big Day

Smart ways to avoid a stressful month before big day

So, with the wedding season well underway and with my best friend getting married this coming weekend and a small little thing, like my own wedding in 3 months’ time, it got me thinking what us fellow brides need to do to avoid a stressful few weeks before the big day. You still want to enjoy the final stages of the wedding planning adventure but you can guarantee that there maybe one or two things that have slipped your mind from your to-do list and you’ll be waking up in the middle of the night in a sheer panic and…

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A Monthly Checklist To Reorganising Your Home To Save You Time

A monthly checklist to reorganising your home to save you time

With all the best will in the world when it comes to getting organised sometimes our ambitions outway our progress. The main issue with this is time, which I am sure most of you will agree with. Most of us don’t have dedicated time to reorganising or decluttering our homes, and if and when we do have any ‘spare’ time or holidays there are things we would much rather do than clear out the kitchen cupboards! Some of you may argue that this is therapeutic and nothing like a good clear out helps for a tidy mind, which I do…

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8 Ways To Include Hessian In Your Wedding

8 ways to include hessian in your wedding

Over recent times hessian has become a thing of beauty to incorporate into vintage, rustic barn, woodland and tipi style weddings.   Image via peaktipis   With its versatile texture hessian also known as jute or burlap is a great way to mix in with luxe wedding décor to create a sophisticated and glamorous style of the wedding too. It’s a fab material to work with for even a novice DIY bride and here are my top 8 ways that you can include hessian into your wedding planning ideas.   Table décor Hessian table runners look great either on long…

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Which Kitchen Style Is For You?

Which kitchen style is for you?

Whenever your friends and family come over do you notice that everyone tends to congregate in the kitchen? Kitchens have become more of a social space to use for occasions such as dinner parties, social gatherings, or simply enjoying family meals together. With kitchens being the heart of the home I’ve focused my attention on giving you the inspiration starting with last week's part 1 focusing on kitchen design with the debate on open plan v structured and what works best for you and your lifestyle. To read more on this just click on the link.     This week…

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4 Months To Go Until My Wedding Day

4 months to go until my wedding day

April has gone by in a blink of an eye, and it’s a month closer to my wedding in August- with 4 months to go until I walk down the aisle eek! If you are just reading my blog for the first time, each month I provide you with an update on my wedding journey, and hopefully, there are things you can relate to. I share with you some advice and tips along the way and if any of you any perils of wisdom that you can perhaps share with me as well I would love to hear.    …

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Kitchen Design – Open Plan V Structured

Kitchen design – open plan v structured

Although the kitchen has a purpose and functionality for cooking and preparing meals. However, over recent years the kitchen has become more of a social space to use for occasions such as dinner parties, social gatherings, or simply enjoying family meals together. Food brings people together and therefore the kitchen becomes the hub or heart of the home, nothing beats chatting with family and friends creating memories and enjoying food together don’t you agree? Even if you don’t use the kitchen as much for entertaining, it can be a place where you can escape to experiment and create meals from…

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DIY Wedding Ideas From Real Brides

DIY wedding ideas from real brides

There is so much DIY wedding inspiration out there that often it can be a minefield in knowing where to start. Well, this week‘s blog is part 2 from real brides and their families giving you their DIY wedding ideas on top tips and inspiration on creating those extra finishing touches and ideas for your big day. All photos used in this article are from real brides and their families and what they have created as sometimes you can find DIY wedding inspiration online or from magazines but not sure how or where to source the materials but here you…

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The Living Room Makeover In Just One Weekend

The Living Room makeover in just one weekend

Living room, lounge or sitting room whatever you want to call this space, the room serves one purpose and that is to make this a comfortable space for relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Whether it’s a complete makeover or quick change to spice up your living room I’ve got some great key design ideas that will brighten up your living space that won't break the budget and can even be done in a weekend!     So, take a look at my living room makeover ideas...   Inject a burst of colour A lick of paint is…

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DIY Wedding Flower Inspiration From Real Brides

DIY Wedding Flower inspiration from real brides

There is so much DIY wedding inspiration out there in bridal magazines, Pinterest (which is my favourite way to gather inspiration), wedding forums, YouTube and not forgetting good old google. You start to realise that actually, you might just want to give the DIY wedding thing a go and start creating your own elements for your wedding. With weddings costing an average £25,000 or whatever your chosen budget total amount is we would all like to save a few pounds where we can wouldn’t we? Sometimes it’s not all about the cost either, some of you may be naturally creative…

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How To Create A Standout Welcoming Hallway

How to create a standout welcoming hallway

Your hallway is the first room your guests will see when entering through your front door. In my view, you want this to be a warm and welcoming space as it can set the tone for the overall feel of your home and immediately makes a good impression for any guests that you have coming into your home. If your home is lacking a hallway or entry which is quite common and on trend with new house builds featuring more open plan living or if you live in apartments and don’t have a separate hallway well this article may help…

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Top Tips When Planning Your Wedding Invitations

Top tips when planning your wedding invitations

Your wedding invitations are the first sneak preview of what your wedding guests will see, of the themes and ideas of your wedding. You want your wedding invitations to shine, after all the number of hours, you will have spent on planning your wedding you want to make your wedding invitations just as important as choosing your wedding cake or centrepiece arrangement. For those of you who are not yet familiar with my blog posts, I am also a bride to be with my upcoming wedding in August 2017. I have just very recently sent out my wedding invitations so…

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Easy Ways To Declutter Your Home

Easy ways to declutter your home

Everyone has a little clutter lying around their home, don’t they? Some perhaps more than others but regardless of how much stuff we actually do have, having a declutter from time to time is also healthy for the mind as well as benefiting from perhaps rehoming or donating a few of those things that we don’t actually need anymore.   Image via source   So, thinking of the word clutter well what does this actually mean? In my view, it’s anything that is around your home that no longer has any meaning or doesn’t add any value you to your…

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How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Gown

How to find your perfect wedding gown

When it comes to buying your wedding gown this should be the most magical and enjoyable experience in finding the ONE gown perfect for your special day. As a bride to be who has found her dream dress here is my How to Guide with honest Do’s and Don’ts to helping you find your perfect wedding gown.     Don’t shop too early- the temptation is as soon as you are engaged it gives you the green light to immediately try on wedding gowns. On my quest to find my wedding gown I made my first appointment last August 2016 12…

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7 Easy Ways On Creating A More Spacious Feel To Your Home

7 easy ways on creating a more spacious feel to your home

Whether you live in a cottage or apartment or even a detached property one of the biggest conundrums homeowners face is how to create a more spacious feel within a home. There are obvious choices such as using neutral tones, bringing in lots of natural light and savvy storage solutions which are all great but it's how you utilise and make all these elements work together to make a small space look and appear more spacious. So here are my 7 easy ways on how you can achieve a spacious feel to your home.     When decorating a top…

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5 Months To Go Until My Wedding Day

5 months to go until my wedding day

March has gone by in a blink of an eye, and it’s a month closer to my wedding in August- with 5 months to go until I walk down the aisle eek!     If you are just reading my blog for the first time, each month I provide you with an update on my wedding journey, and hopefully, there are things you can relate to. I share with you some advice and tips along the way and if any of you have any perils of wisdom that you can perhaps share with me as well I would love to…

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Common Home Interior Mistakes That Actually Clutter Your Home

Common home interior mistakes that actually clutter your home

Revealing the most common home interior mistakes - So, unless your job is an interior designer whose job it is to have a very keen and knowledgeable eye when it comes to interior design most of us when it comes to styling our home interiors inspiration comes from a love and passion of what décor we like; what we see in magazines and what's trending currently or for some it’s what's the quickest and easiest way to decorate a room. I’m here to reveal the 7 common home interior mistakes that are often made in the world of interior design…

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How To Avoid Becoming A Bridal Victim Of A Wedding Scam

How to avoid becoming a bridal victim of a wedding scam

When planning your wedding you have to make some big decisions on your venue, dress, catering, decoration hire just to name a few! but how do you know you are making the right decision and not becoming a victim of choosing a dishonest supplier? I have seen first-hand through so many wedding forums just how many have become a bridal victim of a nasty wedding scam and lost not only their money but have had their special day ruined by not being able to have their dream dress or day as they planned.     Whilst there are dishonest suppliers out…

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6 Ways To Appreciate Your Bathroom

6 Ways to appreciate your bathroom

Our bathrooms are one of the busiest rooms used in the home. Whether this is for showering, bathing, priming or pampering our bathrooms can often become neglected due to the amount of use they get on a daily basis. Therefore, with a small amount of time and effort with these 6 ways you will be able to appreciate your bathroom just that little bit more and put some of that much-loved TLC back into the room. So, if you're thinking what does this mean, well let's imagine entering your bathroom to see neatly folded towels on the hand rail with…

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10 Things No One Tells You When Wedding Planning

10 things no one tells you when wedding planning

Wedding planning is every girl’s dream, you have all these wonderful ideas of what your dress will look like, how the day will unfold and all these lovely ideas on the style and colour scheme that you wish to have. You will have this image in your head of visiting lots of wedding fayres with your mother and bridesmaids, drinking champagne when trying on your wedding dress and turning the corner pages of your bridal magazines of ‘must haves’ for your big day! I’m not going to burst the bubble because wedding planning is truly an amazing and also can…

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7 Tricks To Creating A Luxury Hotel Bedroom

7 tricks to creating a luxury hotel bedroom

When booking a weekend away or looking for a holiday, one of the things you always look forward to is the hotel room. Don’t we all like to be greeted with a big and inviting bed with the plump pillows; the white fluffy dressing gown and slippers and the lush thick pile carpet that your feet sink into not to mention those big fluffy towels in the bathroom and lovely smelling bathroom products? Most of us are willing to spend our hard-earned money on a luxury experience, after all, you’re on holiday so you deserve to!     So why…

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10 Guaranteed Ways To Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

10 guaranteed ways to keep your wedding guests happy

When planning for your wedding day no matter if this a low-key affair or something big and grand there is one goal all couples will share. That is to celebrate your love for one another and a desire to ensure all your guests have a truly amazing time sharing this special day with you or why else would you invite them right?     So whilst you are in the planning stages consider these 10 guaranteed ways to keep your wedding guests happy throughout the day and night.   Guest information Try and provide you guests will as much additional…

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A Patterned Way Of Life

A patterned way of life

Say goodbye to those white and beige tiles and say hello to the world of patterned tiles! Patterned tiles are becoming increasingly popular with so many exciting designs that these days can be used in fresh new ways that no longer have to used for just tiling your bathroom floor! So, I am here to prove to you that a patterned way of life is the way forward and that you can definitely have fun with them, and hopefully be inspired by some of the ideas that I have to show you.   Image via Pinterest   The basics Firstly,…

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6 Months To Go Until My Wedding Day

6 months to go until my wedding day

Well, another month of wedding planning has gone by with only 6 months to go until my wedding day. As promised each month I will give you an update on how my wedding journey is going and share tips and stories that you can both relate to and perhaps steer me in the right direction!   Image via mandyanddutin.com   Well, this month I feel I have achieved a lot and ticked quite a few more things off my wedding to do list. It seems to be gathering some momentum now with my diary now filling up with dress fittings;…

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10 Ways To Embrace The Lagom Lifestyle

10 ways to embrace the Lagom lifestyle

Lagom is the all new Scandinavian lifestyle trend making its appearance this year. Translated to ‘just the right amount’ - not too much or too little, it's all set to become the new buzzword for us all to become on board with and embrace the Lagom lifestyle. So, in a nutshell for those of you who are a little confused right now as I was before writing this blog, its simple Lagom is a way of living- by creating a better, happier and more balanced everyday life! So how do we do this? Well to embrace the Lagom way of…

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8 Budget Friendly Wedding Centrepieces

8 budget friendly wedding centrepieces

When planning for your big day, you want the day to be memorable and it’s all those extra finishing touches that you and your guests will remember for years to come. Part of the wedding décor and considerations with planning your wedding are the wedding centrepieces for your tables. Whether you are looking for centrepieces to fit in with a more formal theme or country style I am sure you can find the perfect inspiration here that fits in with your venue, budget and style with my 8 budget friendly wedding centrepiece ideas.   Birdcages Bird cages are a popular…

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5 Inspiring Ways On Being Creative With Pattern

5 Inspiring ways on being creative with pattern

Over the last few weeks, I have been looking at some of the interior design trends for 2017 and the use of pattern is big this year with geometric designs; vintage feel patterns; colours and random patterns that can be used in a variety of ways from painted walls to soft furnishings. So this week’s blog I am bringing you 5 inspiring ways on being creative with pattern from bold stripes to geometric design on walls or artwork and all you need will need is your chosen paint and Frogtape.     What is Frogtape? Frogtape is the key element…

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10 Delightful Alternatives To A Traditional Wedding Cake

10 Delightful alternatives to a traditional wedding cake

With my wedding planning preparations underway for my up and coming wedding, I have started thinking outside the box and contemplating something other than a traditional wedding cake. There are so many options to tickle your taste buds with and I am sure like most of you, I have a particular sweet tooth. So I have done my research and put together my top 10 delightful alternatives to a traditional wedding cake that perhaps you may want to try for yourselves.   Cheesecake This is my favourite dessert, and wherever I am if this is on the menu in a…

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How To Inject The Colour Of 2017 Into Your Home

How to inject the colour of 2017 into your home

The Pantone Colour Institute announced that Greenery is the colour of the year for 2017. Ever since the year 2000, the company have chosen a colour of the year that reflects the current climate, what's trending around the world in terms of fashion, food, travel and home interiors. That's just to name a few, in fact, every type of industry is on board so you will now begin to see this colour everywhere from the catwalk to architecture! Pantone unveiled this zesty yellow shade in the hope to refresh and reinvigorate our spirit. So I’ve waited a while to share this…

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6 Magical Wedding Themes For 2017

6 Magical wedding themes for 2017

You may be at the early stages of planning your wedding. Or perhaps you haven’t done much planning yet for your wedding theme, and really don’t know where to start in terms of colours or styles for your special day. Many couples are now choosing to have a theme incorporated into their wedding day that reflects either their personalities, the season in which they are getting married or taking the venue or location into consideration. So here are the top six magical wedding themes that are currently trending this year. Vintage Currently trending at the number one spot, vintage is…

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10 Ways To Styling A Minimalist Bedroom

10 ways to styling a minimalist bedroom

A bedroom should be a relaxing haven for rest and recharging of those all-important batteries of ours. It’s where we sleep, where our dreams are made and is the first place we wake up in a morning. Ultimately bedrooms should have a sense of tranquillity and peace, but more often than not they can leave our minds racing. Decorating your bedroom in a minimalist style is an easy approach to take that can bring a simple ambience and aesthetic feel to your bedroom and restore the peace and tranquillity that is often needed in no time at all. Here are…

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7 Ways To Show Your Love For Each Other On Your Wedding Day

7 Ways to show your love for each other on your wedding day

With Valentine’s day fast approaching on the 14th February and the romantic gestures that will be shared in expressing love to one another it got me thinking about meaningful ways we can show our love for each other on our wedding day. Now don’t get me wrong the vows you will be taking are a big enough gesture in your commitment to love in pledging to spend your life together but sometimes the day can be overshadowed by the planning and ensuring that all your guests are having a great time, and that the food and décor are just right…

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10 Top Tips And Tricks In Creating A Scandinavian Feel To Your Home

10 top tips and tricks in creating a Scandinavian feel to your home

The style of Scandinavian home design is always a firm favourite with many including myself, renowned for its simplicity, understated elegance, and beauty in design. Here is a quick guide with 10 top tips and tricks in creating the Scandinavian feel within your own home. Making the space you live in light and bright With as little as 7 hours of daylight during winter months in Scandinavian countries like Norway, Finland and Denmark making the most from natural light sources is key. Therefore invite as much natural light in from your windows and avoid any heavy bulky curtains or fabrics.…

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7 Months To Go Until The Big Day

7 months to go until the big day

Well, another month of wedding planning has gone by with only 7 months to go until my big day. As promised each month I share with you how my journey is going and share tips and stories that you can both relate to and perhaps guide me in the right direction!   I must confess not much planning has been done this month. What with the festivities of Christmas they sort of got in the way a bit and distracted me from the task at hand! The realisation did dawn on me however on the 1st January with just how…

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It’s All About The Hugge

It’s all about the Hugge

I don’t know if it’s just me, but up until recently I have never even heard of the word ‘hugge’ a Danish word pronounced “Hoo- ga”. Oxford dictionaries even shortlisted hugge as one of their words for 2016! Are you still in the dark …. Well it is a lovely translation meaning cosiness, and although it may be hard to pronounce, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling just thinking about it does it, you? Firstly, hugge is much more than home interiors (although I will come onto that later) it's more of a way of life. Danish people…

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10 Ways To Ensure You Have The Best Honeymoon

10 ways to ensure you have the best honeymoon

Planning for a wedding can be stressful enough thinking about the dresses; flowers; guests and everything else you have on your list but has much thought been given to passport; flipflops and location of your honeymoon? Your honeymoon will likely be the most important holiday of your life, and it may seem an extra (stressful) job to plan for but here are 10 ways to ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime and it is the best honeymoon ever!     Start planning as early as possible Start you honeymoon planning as early as you can even if your…

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6 Affordable Ways To Brighten Up Your Home In Time For Spring

6 affordable ways to brighten up your home in time for spring

Has the time come where you feel your home décor needs a spruce up, or that you need to breathe some new life into your home? With spring fast approaching changing one small thing can make a big difference to your home interior. Whether your personal preference for interiors are minimal and modern or country and rustic here are 6 affordable ways to brighten up any home in time for spring without the need to make to a dent in your finances.   Add a pop of colour A lick of paint is the most cheap and effective way to…

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10 Great Ways To Entertain Your Wedding Guests

10 great ways to entertain your wedding guests

Making it onto your wedding guest list should be a real honour for your friends and family. Although the day is about you and your partner, ensuring your wedding guests are entertained throughout the day and night makes the day fun and unique for them as well. Follow these simple but effective tips that will have your friends and family talking about your wedding for years to come.   1. Keeping your guests in the know The best weddings that I have been to are the ones where you know what’s happening throughout the day and everything is well organised…

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5 Key Principles To Apply When Designing Or Decorating Your Home

5 key principles to apply when designing or decorating your home

So when it comes to home interiors some of you may naturally be creative or have a keen eye for decorating or design. Many of you may like designing and seeing your ideas come to life and even learn a skill or two along the way! Whilst perhaps some of us don’t have the first idea or knack when it comes to interior design and décor.     Well fear not, whatever your ability here are a few key principles and techniques which you can apply, to have your home looking stylish and beautiful.   Finding the focal point Having…

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4 Smart Ways To Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

4 Smart ways to save money when planning your wedding

Did you know the average cost of a wedding is £25,000, which is a major expenditure for just one day! No matter what your budget there are still ways that you can save money when planning your wedding, and I am here to help with these money saving tips. Let’s talk budget It is every women’s dream planning their fairy tale wedding day, but the costs of hiring the venue; the food and drink; wedding dress, honeymoon and all the little extra finishing touches soon add up. Therefore, before you start to spend any money it is wise to have…

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Reorganising Your Home In Just 12 Months

Reorganising your home in just 12 months

Happy New Year to all, I hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Bringing in the New Year is a perfect way to start to think about reorganising and sprucing up rooms within your home, but to do this all in one go can seem a daunting if not frightening task to many. Therefore my monthly guide to reorganising your home throughout the year will alleviate the pressure but also give you and your home a new lease of life!     Organisation With all the best will in the world when it comes to getting…

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Inspiration And Handy Tips For Styling Your Christmas Table

Inspiration and handy tips for styling your Christmas table

Christmas day will soon be upon us- with only 4 more days to go. If like me you are spending Christmas day at home this year, have you given much thought to how your Christmas table will be laid out? A beautiful decorated table can just be as rewarding as the magical Christmas dinner itself with the festive cheer, delicious food, and spending time with your loved ones. Be sure this Christmas that your guests have a fine dining experience with these inspirational Christmas table themed ideas and simple tips to follow to impress your friends and family. Inspirational ideas…

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8 Months To The Big Day

8 months to the big day

Hello everyone, It’s that time of the week again, Sunday doesn’t it come around quick! Last month I let you into a secret that I am also in fact getting married too (eek!) August 2017. Once a month on the countdown to my big day (along with many of you I am sure) I will provide you with some insight into how things are going with my wedding planning, and what tips and stories I can share with you along the way. So, with 8 months to go I have so far ticked these off the list: Found the dress…

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Finding Chic Storage Solutions

Finding chic storage solutions

Having ample storage is a luxury awarded to many few of us whether you live in small city flat; a cosy cottage or 4 bedroom detached property rarely do we have any excess space. With children, we know that rooms seem to burst at the seams with all the small toys and accessories (and with Santa fast approaching) that extra space and storage is something to be longed for. Unfortunately, we can’t just expand the rooms we live in where there is no space, sometimes we must be creative in our storage solutions. So, I have put together some ideas…

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6 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

6 most common wedding planning mistakes

For all you former brides to be out there, over the next 12- 18 months on the countdown to your big day (or longer if you perhaps haven’t set a date yet) you will know so many decisions will need to be made from the catering to the seating arrangements to choosing the ‘one’ dress, that all the planning and attention to detail (unless you have a wonderful wedding planner doing all your wedding planning that is) begins to make your head spin a little! Hopefully this will be the only wedding you will ever plan for so I have…

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A “treetorial” Guide To Decorating Your Christmas Tree

A “treetorial” guide to decorating your Christmas tree

So the time has come for us to be putting up our Christmas trees, but is there a right way or wrong way to decorate a Christmas tree? Or have you ever wondered how you can you make your tree look so spectacular like the ones you see in a shop window of a department store? Well with a bit of ‘treetorial’ help you can do just that- by following these 9 handy tips.     1. Choosing the right tree- well we must get the basics right first. Firstly, you need to have selected a good tree to begin…

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Do Me A Wedding Favour- Top 6 Homemade Wedding Favours

Do me a wedding favour- Top 6 homemade wedding favours

Choosing wedding favours can be a particularly hot topic to debate with your partner or do you even bother at all? Are you currently a bride to be that is scouring the length and breadth of Britain to find the perfect favour that will fit in with your colour scheme or theme of your wedding? Or are you a creative bride and have flair to want to create that personal touch for your guests? Now we’ve all been to a wedding (is it just me but sometimes it can be like waiting for a bus you don’t have a single…

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Christmas At Chatsworth House

Christmas at Chatsworth House

This week I had the pleasure of visiting Chatsworth House in Derbyshire which is a lovely stately home set within 1822 acres of surrounding landscape.     Each Christmas the house turns into an enchanted winter wonderland and tells the tale of a Christmas story, this year it is the time-honoured classic of ‘The Nutcracker’. (For those who are not familiar with the story- Clara is swept away on a journey with her Nutcracker prince) very popular also as a ballet composed by music from Tchaikovsky.   Image Via Chatsworth House What was so wonderful when walking around the home was the…

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Choosing Your Wedding Colours

Choosing your wedding colours

What does you chosen wedding colours say about you? We all have a favourite colour don’t we, and we know when choosing say a new dress what colours work well for us and which colours to avoid- so why should it be any different when planning the colour scheme for your wedding? Of course, it’s not just as simply as that is it (for some maybe)- you have to consider what colours will work well with the theme and your chosen venue, for example are you having a beach wedding; a vintage theme, black tie or going for a more…

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C Is For Christmas Markets

C is for Christmas markets

C is for Christmas markets - although I haven’t started any Christmas shopping yet (eek!)- have you?  I have however very much started getting into the Christmas festivities by visiting my first Christmas market of the year.     FACT: A Christmas market traditionally is a celebration of the 4 weeks leading up to the main event itself- Christmas day. Hmmm- now it may be a bit early in the eyes of tradition but who doesn’t love a bit of shopping especially around Christmas? Even better with a hot mulled wine or spiced cider to keep you warm whilst your…

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9 Months To The Big Day

9 months to the big day

Hello everyone, it’s that time of the week Sunday (doesn’t it come round quick) for my weekly wedding blog. Now I should let you into to a secret…. that I am also getting married too (eek!) August 2017 in fact- 9 months to go and I wanted to share with you my journey from now on in, on the count down to the big day. Don’t worry though - I will continue to share with you weekly wedding inspiration, tips and advice but once a month I will provide you with some insight into how my wedding planning and preparations…

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Easy Ways To Update Your Christmas Decorations

Easy ways to update your Christmas decorations

Well everyone it’s my first blog about Christmas, I’ve waited and waited but now that the Christmas adverts have made an appearance across our television screens, I thought it was as good a time as any to get us thinking about how to update our Christmas decorations for this year. Now some of us (me included) when it comes to taking the Christmas decorations down not much thought is given to how they are packed, they are hastily tidied away into boxes put back in the loft never to be seen again till the following December when the tree comes…

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5 Brilliant Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding Venue

5 brilliant ways to decorate your outdoor wedding venue

Whether your wedding is taking place in a rustic barn, or you have chosen a venue where the interior rooms are beautifully decorated, paying some special attention to the venue’s outdoor space and its surroundings ensures your fairy tale wedding is just as magical outside as well inside! 1. Show us the way Wedding signage can be both traditional and functional whilst being a gorgeous piece of décor and statement. The signage you use can set the tone of your wedding whilst bringing excitement and information to your guests. There are many styles out there to fit in with the…

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3 Facts About The Style Of Shabby Chic

3 facts about the style of Shabby Chic

In the world of home interiors the style of Shabby Chic has been on trend for many years, with its worn, antique furniture and vintage accessories mixed with pastel colours, lace and feminine florals, a style that many of us still love and inspire within our homes.     Fact: A little bit of history… Its roots actually began here in Great Britain in the early 1900’s, whereby stately homes and their furnishings were left to fade and age due to financial difficulties of the home owners. It is here that interest grew, bringing period furniture used for many generations…

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4 Ways To Share Your Love Story At Your Wedding

4 ways to share your love story at your wedding

Each couple has their own unique love story of how they met, proposal and even challenges along the way which has created the foundation of your love for each other. When it comes to your special day it’s a momentous moment when you finally say “I Do”, and what better way than your wedding day, to share your love story with your wedding guests about how you and your partner fell in love.     Here are some unique and memorable ways that you can do just that:    1. Inspiring invitations Usually your invitations will be the first impression of…

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How The Power Of Colour Can Alter Your Mind

How the power of colour can alter your mind

We live in a vibrant and colourful world. Colour has the power to convey and communicate messages to us that can trigger instinctual reactions and affect our wellbeing in the most subtle of ways. For example if we think of yellow we associate this as a vacation colour, because of the sun and the sand, whereas knowledge tells us that red cars can trigger aggression on our roads. So when it comes to home interiors, the choice of colour can play a huge part, not just in the look or feel of the room you want to create but also…

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6 Former Brides Share Their Wedding Wisdom For The Big Day

6 former brides share their wedding wisdom for the big day

No matter how many times you have been a bridesmaid or how many weddings you may have attended, and you think you have everything under control in preparation for your special wedding day, here are 6 former brides sharing their perils of wisdom (just in case there may be something you have forgotten).   1. Invite people who mean something to you (Lauren married 3 years) Some guests automatically make the list just for being family or friends, but some it’s harder to say no to then others such as your co-workers. This can be hard especially if your parents…

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