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9 ways to creating a cosy guest bedroom that your guests will love

Creating a cosy guest bedroom that is an enjoyable stay for your guests not only makes your visitors feel good but also for you as well by being the wonderful host and providing them with the comforts that make them feel right at home.

Where ever you visit, whether this is a hotel for an overnight stay or a few days away you appreciate and look forward to a nice, comfortable, and cosy room so why should it be any different for your guests!

I am here to provide you with tips and advice on how to recreate a cosy guest bedroom that becomes a welcoming oasis for your visitors.



The bed

A headboard is often what draw’s people’s eyes when they first walk into a bedroom. Make sure your guest bedroom becomes focal worthy as this will create and become a lovely haven for your guests to enjoy spending time in. Depending on your levels of creativity, this can be a simple DIY refresh by using paints; stencils or reupholstering your headboard in your new favourite fabric or simply investing in a new headboard from the high street.



This then moves onto ensuring your guests feel rested and refreshed from having a good night’s sleep, therefore you need a mattress that will do the job. Often in a guest bedroom it tends to be a place for cast off furniture, this includes the mattress which is often forgotten. However, your guests shouldn’t be neglected and according to the National Sleep Foundation, a good mattress will last around 9-10 years and should be replaced after this time.



Fabrics and soft furnishings

Creating a cosy bedroom interior would not be the same without soft luxurious cushions and plush blankets to adorn the bed as they make a luxurious invitation for any guest. Choose cushions that are thick chunky knits, ultra-fluffy wools, or smooth cashmere along with plush blankets all bring texture to indulge your sense of touch, wrapping your guests up in the warm and cosiness feeling, which makes them want to stay and relax in.


Subtle shades

When decorating or choosing a paint colour for your guest room try to keep to more subtle shades such as whites, greys earthy greens; pale blues, pastel shades. You can always accent with a few pops of bold colour in your accessories but try to avoid bright vivid paint colours such as reds, yellows on the walls as these colours can over-stimulate the mind, which is not the tranquil and the peaceful haven that you are trying to create for your guests.




Be sure not to neglect the treatment of the windows. Investing in a black out blind provides functionality for your guests to enjoy a lie in and not to be woken up by light pouring in through the windows which are what you look forward to most on a breakaway!

For decoration and to tie in with your décor try adding curtains or drapes in softer fabrics as this will add a touch of luxury as well to tie in with creating the cosy feel to the room.


You can make a room feel all-cosy with adding side lamps to either side of the bed to bring a cosy atmosphere to the room. Not only does this bring symmetry to the room by having two side tables and lamps by the bed but avoids using the harsh bright light of the main light.




If room allows, provide your guests with some storage, a chest of drawers or wardrobe. This gives them the opportunity to unpack, and hang their clothes and provides them with a sense of belonging and appreciation. There is nothing worse than crumpled clothes being left in a suitcase!



Fresh flowers

A beautiful vase of flowers on the side table or dresser is a welcoming touch and brings in that feeling of warmth making your guests feel just the little bit extra special.




Adding those extra few personal touches as a host will make your guests feel extra important. Provide your guests with a few magazines or books and leave on the dresser in case they wish to relax or read before bed.



Or in the bathroom, provide shower gel and a few nice bathroom products such as hand moisturiser and soap. This will leave your guests feeling like they truly have stayed in a 5-star hotel.


So, there you have 9 top ways to create a cosy guest bedroom that your guests will love. If you have an extra, tips or advice please drop me a line on my social media pages or email

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Until next week


Rachelle x


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